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Pilates Amsterdam | Orla Noom – professional squash player



As a full time professional squash player my body is very important to me. I've struggled with lower back problems in the past and had been told that "pilates on machines" would be great for my back and also to balance out my body as squash is a one sided, asymmetrical sport. Pilates Amsterdam has brought me even more than I thought it would/could. Besides my improved (core) stability which has made me noticeably faster and more powerful on court, the breathing technique Jennifer has taught me has helped me out immensely while trying to perform with my heartrate at 190-200 during a squashmatch. Jennifer is a great instructor; always watching closely, making sure I stay focussed and always challenging me with new exercises. I would recommend Pilates Amsterdam to everybody! Whether you're an athlete or somebody struggling with back, shoulder or posture problems, I am convinced Pilates Amsterdam will be beneficial to you.

Orla Noom – professional squash player who represents the Netherlands. Ranked World No, 31 in 2007

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