Initially three lessons are scheduled


The first session takes place in the Pilates studio

The rider’s posture is assessed and any restrictions are identified (for example back, neck or shoulder issues, tight muscles etc).

The rider’s posture is corrected and any restrictions are removed (sometimes this might require further treatment

by a healthcare professional such as a physiotherapist)

The rider is taught how to activate their ‘core’ and Pilates exercises are taught to correct and strengthen the seat.


The second lesson takes place on the horse

The rider’s posture on the horse is assessed and corrected

Additional exercises to improve and strengthen the seat are given


The third lessons takes place on the horse approximately 3-4 weeks later

The rider’s posture is re-assessed and corrected if necessary.

Exercises are re-evaluated and new exercises are given if necessary


Additional lessons

After the initial lessons, further lessons may be booked depending on your requirements either at the studio or on location with your horse



Package of three lessons:                        € 180,-


(This comprises the first lesson in the studio and second and third lesson on location.The location for the ridden lesson should be within 40km of the studio. Please contact the studio for locations further than 40km.)


Additional lessons:


   On location with your horse:                 € 60,-


    In the studio:     Please refer to studio rates





 tel:          06 28932706  

 email:    jennifer@pilatesamsterdam.nl


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